Today is the launch of Spaces for Thinking.

What is Spaces for Thinking? It’s a trifecta of images, words, and platforms all about sketchbooks, notebooks, field books, diaries, journals, and any other document capturing and holding sacred wonder.

We’ll be meeting many people who keep or have kept some form of notational method. A placeholder of sketches, pictures, ideas, and thoughts. The people are dynamic. Emerging. Well known. Local. Regional. National. International. Artists. Writers. Costume Designers. Architects. Scientists. Explorers. Singer/songwriters. The list goes on. You’ll find posts on this blog, on Instagram @spacesforthinking, and on Facebook.

These documents and books hold the visions of their makers. The responses we find on each page are immediate, uncensored, and, often, raw. They teem with drive, dreams, and desires.

Welcome. I’m delighted you’re here.